Of course you expect all of your health care professionals to be well-trained. I mean, they went to schools to be trained in specialized fields, right? But education doesn’t have to end at the graduation ceremony. In fact, the most highly qualified professionals seek to continue education throughout their careers, and I am no exception. Not only do I seek continued growth in the field of dentistry, our entire staff does, as well. Here are just some of the ways that our staff members represent a standard of excellence in their fields:

  • All of our dental assistants are Florida Board approved Expanded Functions Dental Assistants and they are also all Certified Dental Radiographers.
  • All of our Registered Dental Hygienists have had extensive training and earned certifications that qualify them to give local anesthesia to adult patients.
  • All of our staff members stay abreast of advances in their field, allowing them to share their knowledge with patients and be more involved in their dental treatments.

How does this benefit you? It puts you in the capable hands of professionals who have made a serious commitment to their careers. These are not people who are simply interested in earning a paycheck; these are people who are invested in their careers and who genuinely care about providing the best possible care for their patients.