Going to the dentist can be scary for your child. Even if they started young, they only see me twice a year if they have healthy teeth. Whether your child is one of my established patients or just beginning to experience dentistry, there are things you can do at home that will help ease anxiety, making his or her experience with me positive, calm, and efficient.


Set an Example

No matter what their age, your child should see you brushing and flossing every day. They love to emulate the behavior of their parents, so why not model good oral health and get them started on the right foot? It is also helpful if you bring your child with you to your own dental appointments, if they’re old enough. Knowing that you are fearless and enjoy your time at the dentist’s office will give them the confidence to feel the same.



Start bringing your child in for visits as soon as they get their first tooth. As I observe their baby teeth coming in, I can give you strategies to minimize decay and alignment problems. And as crazy as it sounds, even those tiny little teeth can develop plaque. In fact, you should also start brushing your child’s teeth as soon as their first tooth comes in. Make sure you use a baby toothbrush and toothpaste, though, as their mouths can’t handle the adult stuff, yet. They probably won’t remember those first few trips to the dentist, but simply being comfortable in the environment can make future visits more pleasant.


Invite Dentistry Into Your Life

I’m not suggesting that you invite me to your home, I’m suggesting that you do fun things like playing dentist with your child; let them count your teeth and give you lessons on how to brush. You can also read them children’s books about going to thedentist. Having these regular experiences will make dental care the norm for your child instead of something scary. If you’re really lucky, a trip to my office might even become a fun adventure.


When you bring your child into my office, their comfort and care are my top priorities. I realize that their experiences with me now set the stage for their experiences in the future, so I take time to get to know them and explain the procedures in simple terms that they can understand. The equipment I use is made for little mouths, making their visit more comfortable, and my team members are experts at interacting with children. With your help, we can all make dentistry less scary and more fun for your child.


To make an appointment for your child, contact my office today. I look forward to watching that little smile grow.