July 25, 2016
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Great news for all of Dr. Wang’s dental patients! Dr. Wang has always strived to provide his patients with the latest, state-of-art dental procedures and cutting edge technologies. This is always done with his patients’ care and dental health in mind.
Dr. Wang recently attended the AAID, American Academy of Implant Dentistry’s Maxicourse at the Dental College of Georgia. Even though he has more than ten years of implant surgery experience, he understands the need to stay current with the latest trends, newest technologies and advanced techniques for his dental patients. The courses had long sounding, complicated names like “Advanced Imaging Techniques” Cone Beam CT Scans and Advanced Osseodensification System. Many hours of expert lectures and hands-on practice ensure that the knowledge and procedures Dr. Wang learned will become an important addition to his dental practice.
The names of the courses are not that important, just the results and the knowledge he gained. What it means to Dr. Wang’s patients is his ability to incorporate this valuable training into his practice to be able to provide his patients with safer, better and more predictable implant restorations. These specialized courses help make Dr. Wang even more proficient in all aspects of the science of implant dentistry, making his implant process an overall more effective experience for all of his patients.
There are countless dentists and dental practices to choose from, yet Doctor Wang’s practice still stands out. His commitment to continuing education is on-going for both himself and his staff. It is just one more way that he continues to thank all of his dental patients for choosing Dr. Wang for all of their dental implant needs by providing the most advanced treatments, cutting edge dental techniques and modern, state-of-the art equipment available in dentistry today.